About Us

When it comes to getting the best photobook in Kerala, Colortone is the name that top professionals from the photography industry recommend. Pioneered in the year 1972, Colortone has always made a mark in the print industry with its outstanding print quality and production value. From the block making days to the current photobook production era, Colortone has excelled itself with professional expertise and top-notch production standards.

With advanced machineries and a team of expert manpower, Colortone has been providing the best print jobs, on-time, every time with assured quality. By adapting the latest technologies and innovation in the print industry, Colortone upgrades itself and has heralded some of the print innovations in Cochin.

The concept of Photobook was introduced for the first time in Kerala by Colortone and has set a whole new trend in the world of photobooks. Colortone always believes in delivering its customer’s international quality printing, at the best rates and providing the latest in print technology. This has led to Colortone becoming the much preferred choice of print partner for the industry professionals.